Once in a while a cafe comes along that you cannot wait to tell everyone about. It makes you want to dance in the street with no clothes on, run into the ocean and swim with the giant lizards and yell “Hooray for coffee” so loud that your own ears hurt. The problem – that this cafe is close to my work….. and I am supposed to save money during my stint in Darwin. Geeeeeeee whiz why is life so hard and trickyful?

Anyways, here I was. Sick day. Headache. Runny Nose. Dizzy legs. Had to pick up dog food so that my canine child would not die (welcome, I am one of THEM). Quickly popped into Ruby G’s as it was highly recommended to get one of those homemade croissants. 


As I walked into the little canteen or cafe I was greeted by a funky warehouse style building with plenty of room and relaxed / trendy hipster vibes. My eyes were instantly drawn to the sweet treats sitting on the counter just waiting to be digesting in my stomach.

As I discussed in an earlier post, I hate crowds when visiting a nice place to eat. I find them irritating and off putting – and a little bit dis-organised. However, there were certainly no crowds at this place today. Probably because it was about 2pm in the afternoon on a Wednesday. The woman serving at the counter was pleasant and happy to help and the chef was happy to whip me up a special croissants. I ordered the bacon, pumpkin and brie homemade croissant (and an Oreo doughnut) and a cafe latte of course

I saved the croissant for later and ate the doughnut straight away… it was fresh, perfectly sweet, and fluffy like a cloud – it was an essential experience to everyone’s life. That is all I have to say about that.

When I got home I enjoyed my croissant, it was deliciously savory. the bacon was salty and crunchy and the cheese was plump and perfectly melted. The pumpkin was soft and moorish.

My coffee was also delightful. Strong, yummy and quick. Just as I like it.

I feel much better now.

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Cafe Central

Cafe Central

One time, not too long ago I got a job in Darwin. It’s a bit of a swanky job which offers good pay, good company and beautiful seaside views not too far away.

A few times now I have popped down the road to an understated cafe called Cafe Central. Sometimes I will bring my lunch, sometimes I order my lunch and sometimes I just order a coffee and a treat (depending on the day that I have had.) I find this cafe perfect for a midweek escape. It’s private, cosy and not corwded.

Please note: If there is one thing I HATE when trying to dine, it’s being in an overcrowded place and I can guarantee you that this spot is not overcrowded during the week.

During my visits to this little place I have been lucky enough to try a toasted bacon and egg sandwich which was delicious and a caramel slice which hit the spot. There are plenty of other delicious items on the menu.

The coffee is strong, yummy and quick. My three faves!

The website –

cafe central