Lattes at Laneway

Lattes at Laneway

We have been here twice. Is this the best coffee in Darwin? Or do I just think it is because it’s a cool joint?

It is a truly cool (not temperature wise) cafe. Dallas (not actually my husband’s name), had the Eggs Benny and I stuck with just the soy Latte. The coffee was quick and tasty. The food looked delicious and with a cheeky taste I confirm that it was certainly a treat. The eggs, pulled pork, spinach and chimichurri hollandaise all went together beautifully on the plate. It was nice to look at and beautifully savory to taste. Dallas’ tummy was full and my mind was beaming for more!

My dog sat nicely at the foot of our outside table with lots of attention from pass-a-buyers.  She also highly enjoyed herself.

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