Surprise coffee on the beach!

Surprise coffee on the beach!

So here we were, taking our dog for a visit to the beach. We were hot, clammy, and new to Darwin. We took along a picnic which consisted of chicken salad cups, cheese and biscuits and a few bottles of water. What lacked – a nice coffee.

As we waddled up the grassy dunes to the life saving club we noticed that there was lots of shade and not many people enjoying the lawns at the Life Saving Club (like I said, I hate crowds.) We laid our picnic blanket under the shady treed and spread our bodies out on the blanket. It was delightful, our dog panting next to us in the shade trying to catch a whiff of some chicken.

I went up and ordered two coffees (which were tasty, strong and delivered in a quick motion). We  were surprised when they delivered them straight to us on the blanket.

Our afternoon was so lovely, lying under the shade, looking up at the trees and feeling the sea breeze in our hair. Thank you!

The website –


lifesaving club


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