Cafe Central

Cafe Central

One time, not too long ago I got a job in Darwin. It’s a bit of a swanky job which offers good pay, good company and beautiful seaside views not too far away.

A few times now I have popped down the road to an understated cafe called Cafe Central. Sometimes I will bring my lunch, sometimes I order my lunch and sometimes I just order a coffee and a treat (depending on the day that I have had.) I find this cafe perfect for a midweek escape. It’s private, cosy and not corwded.

Please note: If there is one thing I HATE when trying to dine, it’s being in an overcrowded place and I can guarantee you that this spot is not overcrowded during the week.

During my visits to this little place I have been lucky enough to try a toasted bacon and egg sandwich which was delicious and a caramel slice which hit the spot. There are plenty of other delicious items on the menu.

The coffee is strong, yummy and quick. My three faves!

The website –

cafe central




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