Chow down on the Waterfront

Chow down on the Waterfront

This place was so yummy that I visited twice in one day! OK, the second visit happened by accident.

LUNCH: I visited the restaurant as I was wandering around the waterfront one day in late April. I was hot, sweaty and just needed a place to sit and have a cool drink of coke and a delicious feed. All of the restaurants along the waterfront look inviting. I remember an Oyster bar, fancy Greek and an Irish pub. I was looking for somewhere that I could sit for a while in private, that’s why I chose Chow. The beautiful plants that line the outside eating area provide a tropical feel and a place for me to hide. Ever since I visited South East Asia a few years ago, I have had this obsession for the food.

I ordered Chicken Pad Thai (Surprise) $18.00

It was delivered quick and it was nice and warm – also delicious.

DINNER: Only a few hours later my nurse friend called and said lets go for tea at Chow. Being a newbie to town I had to accept and I told her in the car that I had been there during the day. Luckily, I was in the mood for a Bun’s Vermicelli Bowl $17.00. It was a mixture of cold, warm, crunchy and fresh, just perfect.

My nurse friend ordered the Mussaman Curry $24.00 and I had a cheeky taste – it was really yum. I was actually a little jealous as I always want to order Mussaman curry but constantly stick to my old favorites. Next time I will take a risk and order something different.



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About me

Hi there, I am Debbie.

Not really, that’s an alias because it sounds a little bit dirty and witty when put with does Darwin… but I have two Aunties and a sister-in-law named Deborah so I suppose that’s good enough.


I have recently moved to Darwin with my husband and my amazing dog. I am going to share some stories with you that involve getting to know the area. This can be helpful if you’re also new to town.

I also share stories about the world in general and how I go about life including my stories about children. Because when you work with children, there is always some story to share.

I am also going to share some of my recipes because I love food and that is what I spend most of my time thinking about.

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I hope you enjoy my blog.